Care & Handling

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The landjaeger is a shelf stable product which means that it needs no refrigeration to stay editable for long periods of time. They are great for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and camping. Your landjaeger will arrive in vacuum sealed packaging to maintain their freshness. Zuber’s Snack Sticks will arrive at your home also in a vacuum sealed package and must be refrigerated.

After opening your landjaeger, you can eat them immediately, but many choose to let them dry further which intensifies their unique and smoky flavor. If you choose this method, you should hang your landjaeger pairs in a dry, well ventilated area until they are dried to your liking*.

Each person will have their own personal preference as to how many days it takes to dry their landjaeger to achieve the taste and consistency they like. The longer you allow your landjaeger to dry, the harder the texture will become and the more intense the smoky flavors will be as the water evaporates. In this time lapse photography you can see six days of drying.

*Drying landjaeger in an area that is not ventilated well enough will allow mold to form on the outside of the casing due to high moisture content.

You can see the different levels of drying and what it does to the landjaegers size and color as they dry in the time lapsed photos below.