A little about us…

Zuber’s Sausage Kitchen was started in 1991 by Jim Zuber after working for 15 years under Master Sausage Makers here in southern Wisconsin.  With his experience, passion, hard work and taste for good sausage, Zuber’s Sausage Kitchen was born. We focus on quality, not quantity, so all of our products are made in small batches.

Lets talk about what started it all…
We are known for our landjaeger, which has Jim’s personal blend of seasonings along with the best cuts of beef and pork available. Not familiar with landjaeger? A landjaeger is a hanging pair of smoked sausage which needs no refrigeration to stay edible for long periods of time. The longer a landjaeger hangs, the drier and more intense its flavors become.

Our landjaeger can be found at over 200 retailers throughout southern Wisconsin. They are found hanging in a clear, plastic display case usually set on the counter.

We can also process your venison or wild game into delicious summer sausage, landjaeger, brats and snack sticks. Check out our venison processing page!


(*Excludes shipping on venison processing)

Here you will find Zuber’s most popular sausage snacks which you can purchase and have delivered to your home with FREE SHIPPING. All products are vacuum packed and shipped directly to your door via USPS. We only ship products that are listed on our website…for they are what we specialize in, have readily available, and can be safely shipped!