Venison Processing

Zuber’s provides venison (or other wild game) processing to make a variety of delicious products out of your venison. Imagine your venison as a Landjaeger or snack stick you can enjoy during your next hunt or while you are watching the big game. You can also have it turned into wonderful summer sausage for snacking, brats for the grill, ring bologna, or any combination of products.

Bring in or ship your de-boned venison to us and we will add 40% pork to the total weight to create that fantastic Zuber Sausage flavor. For example, if you have 25 lbs of venison that you want made into sausage, we will add 10 lbs of pork so that you end up with a full 35  lbs.

*Please note: Smoked products will not weigh as much as it does before smoking! Price is based on “raw” weight.

If you live close to Monroe, Wisconsin, you can drop off your de-boned fresh or frozen venison between the hours of:

Monday-Friday 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

905 19th Street.
Monroe, WI 53566


You can send your frozen de-boned venison to our shop. Please take care to pack and insulate your frozen venison with newspapers or other insulators so that it doesn’t thaw on the trip. Send your frozen venison along with our ORDER FORM. Simply print the form, fill it out and send it in your package. Actual return shipping cost will be added to your bill.

Please note, we cannot ship raw meat back to you, so please do not order fresh brats or hamburger! There is no place to buy dry ice, so we can only ship items that will not spoil during shipment.

Thank you in advance for your order and good hunting!



Regular  $3.60/lb (packaged 6 pair to a package)

Cajun  $3.60/lb (packaged 6 pair to a package)

Italian  $4.00/lb (packaged 6 pair to a package)

Door County Cherry $5.20/lb (packaged 6 pair to a package)

Summer Sausage

Regular  $2.60 lb (~ 2lb logs)

Cajun  $2.60 lb (~ 2lb logs)

Garlic  $2.60 lb (~ 2lb logs)

Cheddar Cheese  $3.00 lb (~ 2lb logs)

Pepper Cheese  $3.00 lb (~ 2lb logs)

Swiss Cheese  $3.00 lb (~ 2lb logs)

Cheddar Jalapeno  $3.25 lb (~ 2lb logs)

Fresh Brats

Regular $2.50/lb (~ 5/package)

Cheddar Cheese $3.50/lb (~ 5/package)

Pepper Cheese $3.50/lb (~ 5/package)

Mushroom & Swiss $4.85/lb (~ 5/package)

Cheddar Jalapeno $3.75/lb (~ 5/package)

Smoked Brats

Regular  $3.50/lb (~ 6/package)

Cheddar Cheese  4.50/lb (~ 5/package)

Pepper Cheese  $4.50/lb (~5/package)


Straight Grind  $0.75 lb

W/Tallow  – additional $1.00/lb.

***Ask about pricing for adding beef, pork, or bacon ends to your burger.

Venison Sticks  

Regular  $3.25/lb (7 sticks per bag)

Cajun  $3.25/lb (7 sticks per bag)

Cheddar Cheese  $4.00/lb (7 sticks per bag)

Pepper Cheese  $4.00/lb (7 sticks per bag)

Cheddar Jalapeno  $4.25/lb (7 sticks per bag)

Swiss Cheese  $4.00/lb (7 sticks per bag)


Regular  $2.50 lb (~1lb rings)

Garlic  $2.50 lb (~1lb rings)

Breakfast Sausage 

*(bulk or casing- please specify)

Regular  $2.50/lb