Store Policies


Shipping Dates
Zuber’s is a small, family run company,  and the mail orders are mainly done by one person. We try to ensure your order will be sent out on Monday, Wednesday or Friday of each week. Shipments may not be made immediately due to product availability, in which case we will e-mail you and give the date it will ship out.

Delivery Method
For landjaeger orders, we wrap your product in bubble wrap to prevent the landjaeger packages from opening during shipment. We mark the box “fragile” so the mail carriers are extra careful with them!

Why such “fragile” sausage?
We are extra careful with a sealed package of landjaeger because when they are in their tightly sealed package, they are good for about 6 months to a year (nobody ever has them for that long because they are hard to resist!) … but when the bag opens, or develops the tiniest tear, air begins to fill the bag. If landjaegers are left in an open bag, over time (a few weeks), mold will begin to develop on the outside of the casing due to the moisture content in the bag.

The right way to care for landjaeger
After you open the bag, you should remove all the landjaeger and hang or set them in an area that is dry and well ventilated. If your bag happens to open before it arrives to your home, either remove them from the bag, like described, or simply seal them tightly in a bag or plastic wrap and freeze them if you do not wish to eat them (but the aroma you get from the landjaeger will make you want to gobble them up instantly!). If tiny specks of mold develop, wipe the pair with vinegar.

Delivery Time / Charge
We only ship through our local US Postal Service (USPS). It is easiest for us and gives us a break to get out this place for a few minutes! We do a “priority” shipment which is about 2-3 business days from the arrival at the post office. Our products have the price of shipping worked into its listed price.

Return / Refund Policy
If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, please contact us by e-mail, phone, or letter!